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Trail Love

I’d love to say I’m different, but I think I followed a fairly traditional path. From team athlete, to triathlete, to road runner, to trail runner – learning more about myself with each step. And now that the trails have been my cocoon and I’ve emerged a dusty, dehydrated, gaitor wearing, poison oak covered butterfly… I honestly don’t know how I ever did anything else. I know you feel the same way. But we’re a different breed. Have you ever tried to explain to someone why you love trail running? It’s tough isn’t it? It’s there, and you feel it, but it’s hard to put into words. I remember when I first started toying with trail running I went to coffee with a “crazy ultra” friend to pick her brain. She had this wild look in her eyes and when I asked her why she runs so far, braving breathtaking ascents, rattlesnakes, and some serious chafing, mile after mile into the middle of nowhere, she just smiled wide and said, “You’ll see”. And I do. For me it’s like a moving meditation. Becoming one with myself and the dirt under my feet. Purely and beautifully in each moment… and the moment after that. I used to run so that I could play a game. Then I ran because it was necessary to complete a triathlon. Now I run to live. What does trail running mean to you?

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