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There is a secret you probably already know…

…the best YOU is waiting.

All you have to do is Gameify your life!

Designed with three different levels, Novice, Apprentice, and Master, you’ll work on all the areas of self-development that will make life wonderful, if done well.

You’ll learn to win at:

     - Physical/Nutrition/Health 
     - Personal/Learning/Intellectual 
     - Career/Business/Financial 

And 9 more areas that lead to success in everything that’s important.

You’ll love this approach to live, because it isn’t just goal setting, it’s playing the hardest game of all…LIFE!


Having attempted and failed to traverse the entire 212 mile John Muir Trail twice before, Josh Mathe decided to brave the Sierra Nevada wilderness one last time. And to up the ante, this time he would try to run!

In the Footsteps of Greatness is an inspirational and refreshingly authentic account of what Josh found while exploring his limits on the edge of the world. From the shady depths of Yosemite Valley to the top of 14, 505’ Mount Whitney through some of the most treacherous and starkly beautiful terrain on the planet, this memoir is both a thrilling adventure (complete with bear encounters and snowstorms) as well as a poignant look into the mind and spirit of an athlete that is nothing if not human.

You may not see yourself as an athlete now, but you are. It is there inside you just waiting to be unleashed! 

If you want to do more and be more with your body; if you feel like your limits are still out there waiting to be found; if you hear the chanting echoes of your primal ancestors urging you forward – you are in the right place. It is going to be an exhilarating, often uncomfortable, sometimes terrifying, life-altering journey - and I promise you the rewards are bountiful and sweet. Will you join me?

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