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Speaking is Teaching

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Speaking Kudos

"Josh inspired every person in the room.  An amazing journey of spirit, soul and human endurance.  It was truly a powerful combination of authenticity and vulnerability with wonderful humor sprinkled throughout!"


"Josh is an extremely engaging speaker and his talk was absolutely fascinating - both as a technical talk and as storytelling art."

Josh particularly enjoys speaking because it allows him to reach more people and motivate on a larger scale.  He has been engaged by corporations, universities, sports teams,  healthcare companies, special events, and private groups, and speaks on a variety of subjects that can be tailored to the needs of each client. 

His signature presentation focuses on the concept of Holistic Wellness - that happiness and health are byproducts of fully expressing ALL of ourselves. This workshop gets people excited about who they truly want to be and is designed to create massive engagement that sticks.


If you are interested in booking Josh for a speaking engagement, please submit your request at the bottom of the page and include as much detail as possible.


* Speaking fee varies based on a variety of factors




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"It was the most inspired I've been in years!"

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